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Spy Seal #1

Series: Spy Seal

“THE CORTEN-STEEL PHOENIX,” Part One Journey into the thrilling world of international espionage as one of Britain's most covert MI-6 divisions, The Nest, recruits a brand-new secret agent to their team: SPY SEAL! An exciting new comic series—reminiscent of The Adventures of Tintin and Usagi Yojimbo—and created by SHE WOLF author, RICH TOMMASO.

Collected Editions


Spy Seal #4 Spy Seal #4 Nov 29, 2017
Spy Seal #3 Spy Seal #3 Oct 18, 2017
Spy Seal #2 Spy Seal #2 Sep 13, 2017
Spy Seal #1 Spy Seal #1 Aug 16, 2017