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Spawn: The Dark Ages Complete Collection HC
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Spawn: The Dark Ages Complete Collection HC

Writer: Steve Niles, Brian Holguin
Artist: Liam McCormack-Sharp, Nat Jones, Kevin Conrad, Chance Wolf, Jonathan Glapion
Published: August 28, 2013
Diamond ID: APR130472
Age Rating: M

SPAWN: THE DARK AGES COMPLETE COLLECTION reprints the journey of Lord Covenant, a 12th Century knight killed in a holy crusade far from his homeland, who returns to Earth as a HellSpawn. As a plague of violence and turmoil cover the English countryside, the Dark Knight must choose whether to align himself with the innocent inhabitants of the once-thriving kingdom or with the malevolent forces of evil and corruption. Featuring behind-the-scenes bonus art and cover gallery, Spawn: The Dark Ages Complete Collection is the first time the series will be collected in hardcover, oversized format. Collects SPAWN: THE DARK AGES #1-28

Digital : $59.99