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Sonata, Vol. 1: Valley of the Gods TP

From DAVID HINE (THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN), BRIAN HABERLIN (WITCHBLADE), and GEIRROD VAN DYKE (SPAWN, MEDIEVAL SPAWN/WITCHBLADE) comes a tale of the clash of two cultures on a planet they each believe is their Promised Land. The Rans are a peace-loving people, but the Tayans are a race of warriors who seek to colonize and control. The mysterious Sleeping Giants also call this place home, though no one knows if they’re monsters or the gods of legend. And a young woman named Sonata is willing to break all the rules to find her place in this world. She’s not about to let sleeping gods lie.Collects SONATA #1-6

Collected Editions


Sonata #12 Sonata #12 Jun 24, 2020
Sonata #11 Sonata #11 May 20, 2020
Sonata #10 Sonata #10 Apr 15, 2020
Sonata #9 Sonata #9 Mar 11, 2020
Sonata #8 Sonata #8 Feb 12, 2020