Snotgirl, Vol. 3: Is This Real Life? TP

The biggest fashion disaster in comics is back! Fashion blogger Lottie Person just wants to live up to her flawless online persona—but why is real life so much harder? "Will appeal to longtime O’MALLEY fans and offer a challenging but entertaining perspective to young adults whose reality is mediated through the glow of their smartphones." —School Library Journal"Explores both what it's like for those with anxiety as well as the pressure we all put on ourselves in a refreshing and introspective way, all while delivering one hell of a story." —Comic Book Resources"One of comics’ best psychological thrill rides." —IGNCollects SNOTGIRL #11-15

Collected Editions


Snotgirl #15 cover Snotgirl #15 Mar 11, 2020
Snotgirl #14 cover Snotgirl #14 Aug 21, 2019
Snotgirl #13 cover Snotgirl #13 Mar 27, 2019
Snotgirl #12 cover Snotgirl #12 Dec 5, 2018
Snotgirl #11 cover Snotgirl #11 Sep 5, 2018
Snotgirl #10 cover Snotgirl #10 Apr 4, 2018