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Saints: The Book Of Blaise TP

Writer: Sean Lewis
Artist / Cover: Benjamin Mackey
Published: September 7, 2016
Diamond ID: JUN160699
Age Rating: T

When a group of misfits discover themselves to be the reincarnations of Catholic saints, they must put aside their differences to battle the fallen angel Michael and his army of doomsday zealots. Critically lauded, this is the comic debut of award-winning playwright SEAN LEWIS (Kennedy Center Rosa Parks Award; NPR’S This American Life) and graphic artist BENJAMIN MACKEY (of Twin Peaks Tarot Card fame). Collects SAINTS #1-9.

Digital : $15.99
Print: $19.99


Saints #9

Published: June 1, 2016

Print: $3.99

Digital: $1.99

Saints #8

Published: May 4, 2016

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

Saints #7

Published: April 6, 2016

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

Saints #6

Published: March 2, 2016

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

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