Infernals Webskin

Saints #1

Award-winning playwright and This American Life personality SEAN LEWIS teams with red-hot artist BENJAMIN MACKEY for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! Dexter-style action collides with a Preacher-esque sensibility in this crime/horror series for mature readers. Blaise, Lucy, and Sebastian discover a Holy War is erupting and they, unwittingly, are the next generation of Saints poised to fight for a heaven that God has abandoned. The occult rises in a spectacular, action-packed first issue crammed full of heavy metal, sex, and deadly one-liners.

Collected Editions


Saints #9 cover Saints #9 Jun 1, 2016
Saints #8 cover Saints #8 May 4, 2016
Saints #7 cover Saints #7 Apr 6, 2016
Saints #6 cover Saints #6 Mar 2, 2016
Saints #5 cover Saints #5 Feb 3, 2016
Saints #4 cover Saints #4 Jan 6, 2016