Webskin Coffinbounda

Regression #14

Adrian and Molly are back together, but it is not a happy reunion. Molly hopes to break Gregory Sutter’s influence over her friend, but the Valgeroti are on the move, and they would rather see both Adrian and Sutter dead than compromised by their enemies. In the present, Molly sows the first seeds of a resistance against the Valgeroti. In the future, this ragtag group of guerrillas makes preparations for the final offensive against their enemies. But the Valgeroti plans—in the past, present, and future—are more horrible than anyone imagined!

Collected Editions


Regression #15 Regression #15 Jan 23, 2019
Regression #14 Regression #14 Dec 19, 2018
Regression #13 Regression #13 Nov 28, 2018
Regression #12 Regression #12 Oct 24, 2018
Regression #11 Regression #11 Sep 26, 2018
Regression #10 Regression #10 May 23, 2018