Perdy, Vol. 1 HC

ADVANCE SOLICIT 8.07 x 10.83 trim size Perdy loves two things: sex and robbing banks—no particular order. After spending 15 years in Yuma prison, Perdy wastes no time in getting back to doing both. A lot has changed since Perdy’s been away, especially her looks, but that’s not gonna stop her from piecing together the biggest score of gold this side of the border. And if anyone gets in her way, they’ll be pushing up petunias. A new western series from Angoulême Award nominee, and international star, KICKLIY. COMPARISON TITLES If you like the artistic charm of Kyle Starks’ ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN and the wild, off-the-wall fun of Starks’ SEXCASTLE and Barbiere and Santos’ VIOLENT LOVE, you’ll love PERDY!



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