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Paradiso, Vol. 2: Dark Dwellers TP

Before Jack Kryznan can venture further into the city, he will discover the depths of his connection with Paradiso. In this world, rumors and theories abound regarding the origins and the meaning of this living metropolis. As events rumble on the surface, Jack will find that the strangest truths of Paradiso lie deep beneath her streets—in a cityscape of warrens and tunnels, populated by the things that dwell within. Collects PARADISO #5-8



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Collected Editions


Paradiso #8 Paradiso #8 Oct 3, 2018
Paradiso #7 Paradiso #7 Sep 5, 2018
Paradiso #6 Paradiso #6 Aug 1, 2018
Paradiso #5 Paradiso #5 Jul 4, 2018
Paradiso #4 Paradiso #4 Mar 14, 2018
Paradiso #3 Paradiso #3 Feb 14, 2018