Geiger Webskin

Monstress, Book One HC

A teenage girl struggles to overcome the trauma of war in an alternate, matriarchal 1900s Asia that’s brimming with arcane dangers. This task is made all the more difficult by her mysterious psychic link to an eldritch monster of tremendous power—a connection that will transform them both, and place them in the crosshairs of both human and otherworldly powers.Creator/writer MARJORIE LIU (who made history as the first woman to win an Eisner Award for Best Writer) and creator/artist SANA TAKEDA present a deluxe, oversized hardcover edition of their beloved breakout comic in MONSTRESS, BOOK ONE. This massive edition features a striking new cover and includes never-before-seen sketches, script pages, and more for over 500 pages of award-winning content.Collects MONSTRESS #1-18

Collected Editions


Monstress #52 cover Monstress #52 Jun 26, 2024
Monstress #51 cover Monstress #51 Apr 24, 2024
Monstress #50 cover Monstress #50 Mar 27, 2024
Monstress #49 cover Monstress #49 Feb 28, 2024
MONSTRESS #48 cover MONSTRESS #48 Sep 27, 2023
MONSTRESS #47 cover MONSTRESS #47 Aug 30, 2023

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