Holy Roller Webskin

Mirror: The Nest TP

Rejected by the paradise they sought to create, the survivors of the Irzah colony return to the utopian system they left behind—the Synchronia. But this is no joyous homecoming for them, nor for the sentient animals they have created. Finding this exiled crew a new home becomes a dangerous task for former admiral Elena Hagia.EMMA RÍOS (I.D., PRETTY DEADLY) and HWEI LIM (Lalage, Hero) conclude their tale of disparate souls seeking a small corner of the universe to call their own.Collects MIRROR #6-10

Collected Editions


Mirror #10 Mirror #10 Apr 3, 2019
Mirror #9 Mirror #9 Dec 6, 2017
Mirror #8 Mirror #8 Sep 20, 2017
Mirror #7 Mirror #7 Apr 19, 2017
Mirror #6 Mirror #6 Mar 15, 2017
Mirror #5 Mirror #5 Jul 13, 2016