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Loose Ends #1

Series: Loose Ends


No one seemed to notice Sonny Gibson as he stepped back into "The Hideaway," a dusty little honky-tonk nestled off the Carolina highway. But before the night was over, Sonny would be on the run—from the law, from the criminals, even from himself. LOOSE ENDS is a gritty, slow-cooked, Southern crime romance that follows a winding trail down Tobacco Road, through the war-torn streets of Baghdad, and into the bright lights and bloody gutters of South Florida. From JASON LATOUR, co-creator of Eisner-winning SOUTHERN BASTARDS and the writer of Spider-Gwen, CHRIS BRUNNER (SOUTHERN BASTARDS, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight), and RICO RENZI (Spider-Gwen, Squirrel Girl).


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Loose Ends #4 cover Loose Ends #4 Apr 26, 2017
Loose Ends #3 cover Loose Ends #3 Mar 22, 2017
Loose Ends #2 cover Loose Ends #2 Feb 22, 2017
Loose Ends #1 cover Loose Ends #1 Jan 25, 2017