Series: Local Man

Jack comes face to face with his explosivepast when his superhero alter ego isblasted into modern-day Farmingtonby a massive cosmic event.

Now, Local Man has to get his younger,more extreme self back to his own timebefore he ruins what little life Jack hasleft. But it won’t be easy—Crossjackisn’t the only one who’s landed in thewrong era, and they’re both being huntedby a vengeful hero from the past.Guest starring a ragtag team of yourfavorite Image Comics heroes, includingCYBERFORCE, STREET ANGEL,LOVE EVERLASTING, and…BOOFAND THE BRUISE CREW?!

A perfect jumping-on point for new readers,and a must-have for old-school Image heads.This summer, we’re going for the GOLD!

Collected Editions