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Tony Fleecs

Tony Fleecs

Tony Fleecs is a prolific, critically acclaimed comic book creator. His licensed comic book work has sold hundreds of thousands of copies in the United States and has been translated and reprinted all over the world. Tony's creator owned work includes IN MY LIFETIME (2006,) JEFF STEINBERG: CHAMPION OF EARTH (2016,) and the forthcoming, TIME SHOPPER (2021) and STRAY DOGS (2021.) You've seen his art on some of your favorite titles like Star Wars, Avengers, Batman, TMNT, Transformers and just a literal TON of My Little Pony.

Latest Releases

Local Man #4 Local Man #4 May 31, 2023
Dark Ride #6 Dark Ride #6 May 17, 2023
LOCAL MAN #3 LOCAL MAN #3 Apr 26, 2023
DARK RIDE #5 DARK RIDE #5 Apr 12, 2023
Local Man #2 Local Man #2 Mar 29, 2023

Collected Editions

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