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Kick-Ass: The Dave Lizewski Years, Book 3 TP

Dave Lizewski has taken a HORRIFYING and EXHILARATING plunge. Armed with minimal combat training and a pair of batons, he donned a mask and set out to become a real superhero, Kick-Ass. And he succeeded. Wildly. Kick-Ass and tween black belt Hit-Girl took on the mafia—and won. But his arch nemesis Red Mist now thinks superheroes are passé and has become the world's most notorious super villain. His first target? Dave Lizewski's family. Collects KICK-ASS 2: BALLS TO THE WALL #1-7

Collected Editions


Kick-Ass #18 Kick-Ass #18 Oct 30, 2019
Kick-Ass #17 Kick-Ass #17 Sep 11, 2019
Kick-Ass #16 Kick-Ass #16 Aug 7, 2019
Kick-Ass #15 Kick-Ass #15 Jun 26, 2019
Kick-Ass #14 Kick-Ass #14 May 15, 2019
Kick-Ass #13 Kick-Ass #13 Apr 17, 2019

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