Jules Verne's Lighthouse TP

In this adaptation of the JULES VERNE classic, set in the year 2717, the Lighthouse is a supercomputer the size of a skyscraper that guides spacecraft through a turbulent sea of wormholes. Maria Vasquez has chosen this isolated base to escape her troubled past, but now she and her glitchy nanny bot, Moses, are the only ones who can stop a crew of murderous pirates from seizing the most devastating weapons ever created.


Select praise for JULES VERNE’S LIGHTHOUSE:"Jules Verne's: Lighthouse gets a sci-fi twist and casts readers into the high seas of outer space for a swashbuckling cyberpunk saga."—Space.com

"Brings Verne's vision to life in a sleek and colorful way that will appease fans."—ComicBook.com

"A bold take on a classic, infusing science fiction elements into an already thrilling tale."—Monkeys Fighting Robots



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