Howtoons: Tools Of Mass Construction TP

Follow Celine and Tucker as they learn through play! Challenged to make something "other than trouble," this brother-and-sister pair use everyday objects to invent toys that readers can build. Combining comics and real life science and engineering principles, Howtoons are designed to encourage kids to become active participants in the world around them. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this remastered collection will contain the "best of" HOWTOONS over those years, along with new material by the creators of the series!

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"Siblings Tucker and Celine demonstrate how to create dozens of simple inventions and craft projects by using (and reusing) everyday household objects in this high-energy comics collection.... Organized into sections revolving around play, tools, math, science, engineering, and more, the projects typically span just a few pages, with suggestions that include creating marshmallow shooters from PVC pipe, refashioning a turkey baster into a flute, and transforming humble soda bottles in multiple ways—bird feeders, 'jet packs' for a superhero costume, underwater goggles, etc. Nick Dragotta’s cartooning is every bit as imaginative as the projects offered, bringing a larger-than-life comic-book sensibility and sense of adventure to these wisecracking siblings’ investigations and tinkering. Packed with ideas and creative fodder for DIY-minded kids. All ages." —Publishers Weekly

"The comics in Howtoons focus on safety, recycling, and, most important, fun. The bright, somewhat chaotic artwork is designed to capture a kid’s attention and imagination. The projects are not laid out in a staid, step-by-step manner, and several of them will require extra thought or adult assistance, but the variety is hard to beat, as the creators cover art, math, engineering, science, and more. Since this is a revised anniversary edition (with about 100 pages of added content), there is a touch of repetition, but not enough to matter to DIY and maker fans, both young and old. This is a great addition to STEM collections, maker spaces, and elementary- through middle-school graphic-novel collections." —Booklist


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