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Hellcop, Vol. 2 TP

Of course the first job Virgil has as the new Hellcop captain couldn't be easy. If he can't solve the mystery of how a Sasquatch prince wound up shot in the Pacific Northwest the result will be all-out interdimensional war! He's got to keep the peace for as long as possible buying time for his new recruit Gladys to track down the real culprits behind the coup. This and much more in the second volume of HELLCOP!

Collects HELLCOP #6-10

Collected Editions


Hellcop #10  Hellcop #10 Aug 31, 2022
HELLCOP #9 Jul 27, 2022
HELLCOP #8 Jun 22, 2022
HELLCOP #7 May 25, 2022
HELLCOP #6 HELLCOP #6 Apr 27, 2022
HELLCOP #5 Mar 2, 2022