Gideon Falls #22 Look Inside

Gideon Falls #22

2019 EISNER AWARD WINNER, BEST NEW SERIES"WICKED WORLDS," Part OneAfter the mind-bending destruction of the Black Barn, our heroes find themselves spread across the Gideon Falls multiverse the barn contained within! While Angie struggles to survive in a 1984 version, Clara is alone in the old West, Father Fred is a man out of place in cyberpunk Gideon Falls—and where Norton landed is anyone’s guess… And while these worlds all seem far apart, the Laughing Man is always closer than you think!"Saturated with a horrific sense of anxiety." —Entertainment Weekly"Combines avant-garde graphic treatments with outstanding writing to create a genuine tale of terror." —Boing Boing"LEMIRE and SORRENTINO will go down as one of the greatest comic teams of all time. GIDEON FALLS cements that." —Brian Michael Bendis

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