Flawed #2

After torturing and publicly displaying the monstrous and seemingly immortal serial killer known only as the Skinwalker Gem finds herself a target of Setham's nefarious elite. Among them is the twisted Mr. Higgs who doesn't appreciate Gem jeopardizing the youth and riches the Skinwalker's immortal blood provides him. Now Gem faces overwhelming odds in a conflict that will force her to question her unconventional methods-and confront the looming traumas of her past.

Collected Editions


Flawed #5 cover Flawed #5 Feb 1, 2023
Flawed #4 cover Flawed #4 Dec 28, 2022
Flawed #3 cover Flawed #3 Nov 30, 2022
Flawed #2 cover Flawed #2 Oct 26, 2022
Flawed #1 cover Flawed #1 Sep 28, 2022