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Farmhand, Vol. 2: Thorne in the Flesh TP

Jedidiah Jenkins is a simple farmer. But his cash crop isn’t corn or soy. Instead, he grows fast-healing, highly customizable human organs—a miracle cure for all manner of ailments and injuries. Or they were, until his former patients began to transform into something not quite human. Now, these pour souls are coming to the Jenkins Farm searching for answers. But a dark figure lurks in their collective shadow—one with sinister plans for Jedidiah, his family, and the world. Collects FARMHAND #6-10

Collected Editions


Farmhand #12 Farmhand #12 Dec 18, 2019
Farmhand #11 Farmhand #11 Nov 20, 2019
Farmhand #10 Farmhand #10 Jul 24, 2019
Farmhand #9 Farmhand #9 Jun 19, 2019
Farmhand #8 Farmhand #8 May 15, 2019
Farmhand #7 Farmhand #7 Apr 17, 2019