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Exorsisters, Vol. 1 TP

Did you sign a deal with the devil? Has a loved one been dragged to Hell? Then Kate and Cate Harrow should be the first ones you call for timely soul removal at a reasonable rate. This collection is perfect for fans of case-solving procedurals like Veronica Mars, Netflix’s Jessica Jones, and the CW’s Supernatural, and introduces readers to the Harrows, who have to deal with the end of the world, fallen angels, demon worshipping ex-boyfriends, and their Mother. Collects EXORSISTERS #1-5

Collected Editions


Exorsisters #5 Exorsisters #5 Feb 20, 2019
Exorsisters #4 Exorsisters #4 Jan 23, 2019
Exorsisters #3 Exorsisters #3 Dec 19, 2018
Exorsisters #2 Exorsisters #2 Nov 21, 2018
Exorsisters #1 Exorsisters #1 Oct 17, 2018