Echo Webskin

Emitown Vol. 1

From the whimsical to the tragic, Emi Lenox (PLUTONA, TADAIMA) brings you into her world with superb cartooning, a brilliant cast of characters and an innocent perspective often left on the cutting room floor of other diary comics. Emi proves that life is never dull in her first annual collection of EMITOWN! Introduction by Jamie S. Rich (MADAME FRANKENSTEIN, Lady Killer).

Praise for EMITOWN:

"Some of the nicest cartooning I've discovered in a long time." —Jeff Lemire, Descender, Plutona

"Emitown is one of my favorite places to visit... I simply love the fresh energized pop that comes from Emi's work!" —Mike Allred, iZombie

"Emitown is the kind of place where you finish reading and then go outside and get all disappointed that everyone's not a cute cartoon character defying various laws of physics." —Jeffrey Brown, Darth Vader & Son

"Emi Lenox is the adorable little sister of Harvey Pekar, making Emitown heir apparent of the autobio genre." —Moritat, Elephantmen, The Spirit

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