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Dry County Complete TP

ADVANCE SOLICIT Meet Lou Rossi, a Generation X slacker who’s out of step with the rave culture of Miami, 1990. He’s a freelance newspaper artist, an aspiring author, a 21-year-old virgin... and suddenly an amateur detective. His humdrum life takes a turn when he meets—and quickly falls in love with—the young and beautiful Janet Laughton. But when she suddenly vanishes, leaving only a cryptic note behind, Lou will have to pull out all the stops to track her down. Collects DRY COUNTY #1-5 COMPARISON TITLES If you liked DARK CORRIDOR, you’ll love DRY COUNTY!

Collected Editions


Dry County #5 Dry County #5 Jul 18, 2018
Dry County #4 Dry County #4 Jun 13, 2018
Dry County #3 Dry County #3 May 16, 2018
Dry County #2 Dry County #2 Apr 11, 2018
Dry County #1 Dry County #1 Mar 14, 2018