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Crossroad Blues: A Nick Travers Graphic Novel OGN

Writer: Ace Atkins
Artist: Marco Finnegan
Cover: Chris Brunner
Published: April 25, 2018
Diamond ID: FEB180513
Age Rating: M

After a New Orleans college professor goes missing while searching for the rumored lost recordings of bluesman Robert Johnson—who, as legend has it, sold his soul to the devil at a Mississippi crossroads—Nick Travers is sent to find him. Clues point to everyone from an eccentric albino named Cracker to a hitman who believes he is the second coming of Elvis Presley. From the Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist turned New York Times bestselling author ACE ATKINS, and artist MARCO FINNEGAN, comes a thrilling tale of crime and mystery that brings the history of the blues and the Mississippi Delta to life on every page.

Digital : $11.99
Print: $14.99

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