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Series: Crossover

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“MEANWHILE,” Part Five

The comic book killer has been revealed! But can he be stopped??? Well I’m not going to tell you here. This is a solicitation. Don’t be ridiculous. Anyway, I feel like all we do is talk about me and the book. How are you? How’s the shop going? You guys check out ROSENBERG’s new book yet? WHAT’S THE FURTHEST PLACE FROM HERE? Man, is that a good book. Anyway, gotta run. Order a million copies of this issue please. Bye!

Collected Editions


CROSSOVER #12 Feb 23, 2022
Crossover #11 Crossover #11 Jan 12, 2022
Crossover #9 Crossover #9 Nov 3, 2021
Crossover #8 Crossover #8 Sep 29, 2021
Crossover #7 Crossover #7 Jun 30, 2021