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Coyotes, Vol. 2 TP

The second chapter of this critically lauded allegorical series is a fascinating look at misogyny, war, and forgiveness. Red is tasked with ridding her home of men who have donned animal pelts that turn them into woman-hunting wolves. Returning from her first war with these wolves, she works to bring more women to safety—and to slaughter more wayward men. But when she meets a group of women who challenge her ideas and her core self, she questions the person she’s become. Collects COYOTES #5-8

Collected Editions


Coyotes #8 Coyotes #8 Nov 14, 2018
Coyotes #7 Coyotes #7 Oct 17, 2018
Coyotes #6 Coyotes #6 Sep 19, 2018
Coyotes #5 Coyotes #5 Aug 15, 2018
Coyotes #4 Coyotes #4 Feb 7, 2018
Coyotes #3 Coyotes #3 Jan 10, 2018