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Chrononauts #4

MINISERIES CONCLUSION Captured by enemies and robbed of their ability to time travel, Danny and Corbin have created the biggest mess the space-time continuum has ever seen. Now, it’s up to them to defeat the bad guys, fix past wrongs, and escape the wrath of their bosses! The finale to this sci-fi buddy adventure features MORE breathtaking SEAN MURPHY art—with MORE soldiers, MORE dinosaurs, and a conclusion to leave you clamoring for a sequel!

Collected Editions


Chrononauts #4 Chrononauts #4 Jun 10, 2015
Chrononauts #3 Chrononauts #3 May 13, 2015
Chrononauts #2 Chrononauts #2 Apr 15, 2015
Chrononauts #1 Chrononauts #1 Mar 18, 2015