Geiger Webskin

Bloodrik TP

A hulking barbarian makes his way across a brutal landscape in search of food in this fresh take on the sword and sorcery genre, perfect for fans of GOD COUNTRY and THE GODDAMNED.
BLOODRIK is angry, confused and starving. Finding nothing but failure in his usual hunting grounds, the woodsman stomps his way into unfamiliar territory in an attempt to feed his stomach and heal his wounded ego. What he finds there will lead him on a journey of madness, violence, fire, and BLOOD!
Collects the entire debut miniseries, plus three bonus short stories: "Hold Fast," "Head Rot," and "Shatterwing."
Collects BLOODRIK #1-3

Collected Editions

Bloodrik TP cover Bloodrik TP Jun 19, 2024


Bloodrik #1 (of 3) cover Bloodrik #1 (of 3) Dec 6, 2023 New Printing