Phantom Road Webskin

Blood Stained Teeth, Vol. 2 (TPB)

Series: Blood Stained Teeth

For decades, Atticus Sloane has been turning humans into Vampires known as Sips. Now, the First Born Council, a secret cabal of billionaire Vampires, has issued Atticus a threat—kill all his Sips, or the Council will kill him.But what does their plan have to do with Beverly Phelps, a Doctor-turned-Vampire who, even as Atticus hunts his Sips, is hunting members of the First Born Council?The hit vamp noir book from CHRISTIAN WARD (ODY-C, Invisible Kingdom, Machine Gun Wizards) and PATRIC REYNOLDS (NITA HAWES’ NIGHTMARE BLOG, The Mask) continues in a world where blood isn’t the only thing Vampires crave.Collects BLOOD STAINED TEETH #6-10


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