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Ascender, Vol. 2: The Dead Sea TP

The hit fantasy series from powerhouse creative team JEFF LEMIRE & DUSTIN NGUYEN continues! After a bruising attempt to escape from the planet Sampson, Andy finds himself in the clutches of the Militia, which means the murderous Mother can’t be far behind. Meanwhile, his daughter Mila has booked passage on a ship piloted by none other than the irascible Captain Telsa. And while Vampires may rule this strange galaxy, they’re no match for Kanto, the Blood Scrapper—the most badass vampire hunter in the universe!Collects ASCENDER #6-10

Collected Editions


Ascender #18 Ascender #18 Aug 18, 2021
Ascender #17 Ascender #17 Jul 21, 2021
Ascender #16 Ascender #16 Jun 23, 2021
Ascender #15 Ascender #15 May 26, 2021
Ascender #14 Ascender #14 Oct 28, 2020
Ascender #13 Ascender #13 Sep 30, 2020