Webskin Seaofstars V2

Artifacts #40

Series: Artifacts

DOUBLE-SIZED SERIES FINALE! RON MARZ returns to the title he helped launch with a self-contained MAGDALENA story foreshadowing his new MAGDALENA series (coming in January) while wrapping up ARTIFACTS! Also inside are two talent hunt winner stories! One a story of the Witchblade deep in the heart of Africa in 1904, and the other a present day story of Tom Judge trying to help a man afflicted with an ancient curse.

Collected Editions


Artifacts #40 Artifacts #40 Nov 5, 2014
Artifacts #39 Artifacts #39 Sep 17, 2014
Artifacts #38 Artifacts #38 Aug 20, 2014
Artifacts #37 Artifacts #37 May 21, 2014
Artifacts #36 Artifacts #36 Apr 2, 2014