All Against All, Vol. 1 (TPB)

Writer ALEX PAKNADEL (DC vs. Vampires: All Out War) artist CASPAR WIJNGAARD (HOME SICK PILOTS) and letterer HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOU present a primal vision of humanity gone terribly wrong.

In the distant future a race of disembodied alien conquerors called the Operators moves from world to world harvesting promising species for their most impressive physical traits. Their quest for ever-more-effective host bodies leads them to a forgotten research station where animal specimens from a dead Earth along with a small human boy named Helpless have been collected and preserved in a savage artificial jungle environment. But as the Operators descend on the research station in search of an apex predator to harvest they'll find more than they bargained for when they learn that Helpless is anything but!

"PAKNADEL's sharp mind and WIJNGAARD's vibrant art mesh brilliantly to create this brutal fascinating and visually stunning sci-fi world."


Collects ALL AGAINST ALL #1-5


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