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PORTLAND, Ore. 07/31/2023 — The 2022 Ringo Award winning, supernatural noir comic, Syphon will see its second volume hit shelves this November from Image/Top Cow Productions. Creator and writer Mohsen Ashraf will continue the series with this new four-issue story, and will be joined by co-writer Arish Akanda and new series artist Thomas Hedglen.

Syphon Volume 2 follows “supernatural empath” Sylas—wielder of an ancient power to sense and siphon away pain from others—as he struggles to navigate his purpose and the moral ambiguity of his newfound power. He is joined by Livia, a scientist and trauma researcher exploring the fringe of the Syphon-verse.

The series unveils new characters and settings, including a Syphon temple lost in the Amazon—brimming with deep lore of the power—and a long-forgotten threat reawakened. Ashraf describes Volume 2 as a “Temple of Doom-style psychedelic thriller delving into the depths of mental health.”

“I’m very excited to continue the story of Sylas and Livia in Syphon Volume 2. We’re able to explore more of the power, get deeper with the main characters, and start to ask the tough questions: What is the purpose of pain? What is the right way to heal from it? Is there a right way at all?” said Ashraf.

Matt Hawkins, President at Top Cow added: “I’m a big fan of grounded supernatural and Syphon has a fresh take on empaths. Volume 2 takes things to a whole new level. I dig it. Already looking forward to Volume 3 and beyond.”

"In 1996, I picked up the first issue of The Darkness from Top Cow and was immediately hooked," said Akanda. "Almost 30 years later, to be able to work on Syphon—a story of empathy and the ethics of having the power to manipulate emotion—for the very same publisher…absolutely serendipitous."

Syphon Volume 1 earned critical acclaim for its dazzling illustrations and colors that blended moody neon overtones with an otherworldly atmosphere. The series was nominated for three Ringo Awards in 2022, including the Best Series and Best Artist categories, and was awarded Favorite Hero.

“I’m so honored to be working with Top Cow to deliver a bracing and dynamic vision in this second volume,” said Hedglen.

Syphon Volume 2 #1 Cover A by Jeff Edwards, Cover B by Josh George, and Cover C by Thomas Hedglen will be in comic shops on Wednesday, November 15 and also available on digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Syphon Volume 2, #1
WRITERS: Mohsen Ashraf & Arish Akanda
ARTIST: Thomas Hedglen
INKER: Mostafa Moussa
COLORIST: John Kalisz
LETTERER: Troy Peteri
NOVEMBER 15 / 32 PAGES / FC / T Plus / $3.99
GENRE: Supernatural, Noir, Horror

After defeating Antonio, Sylas struggles to navigate life, love, and the moral ambiguity of his newfound power. His physical and emotional limits are tested as he pushes the boundaries of his abilities. As his powers grow so do the consequences of his actions, leading him to face a monster of his own making.

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Lisa Y. Wu, Marketing Director
Top Cow Productions