LOS ANGELES 06/20/2023 — The 7th Top Cow Talent Hunt finally reached its end in December 2022. However, due to a record-breaking number of submissions (almost 4,000—that is almost a 700% increase from their 2019 contest), only now is the publisher ready to officially introduce the two winners to the comic book world: artist winner Bruno Abdias and writer winner William 'Billy' Muggelberg III.

Abdias and Muggelberg III join the long line of Top Cow Talent Hunt winners turned sequential storytelling superstars like Tini Howard (X-Men), Isaac Goodhart (Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale), Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider), Ryan Cady (Infinite Dark), Cecilia Lo Valvo (Postal), and Stephanie Phillips(Harley Quinn).

Top Cow Productions, Inc., the company behind The Darkness and Witchblade, has a long history of discovering new talent. Every other year, the independent publisher launches a worldwide search for new talent and gives aspiring creators a chance to show off their talent and a jumpstart into a professional career in comics.

“It’s exciting to watch the previous winners go on to become industry regulars,” said Matt Hawkins, President at Top Cow. “I look forward to seeing what this year’s winners, artist Winner Bruno Abdias and writer winner William 'Billy' Muggelberg III do.”

Abidas is a Brazilian graphic designer, specializing in Game Design and Animation. He said: “I've been a huge Marc Silvestri and Cyberforce fan. Since childhood, I have always had a dream of working in comics. Unfortunately, opportunities are few in my country, and working in the American market seemed like a distant dream.”

A long-time fan of Cyberforce, Abidas added: “When I found out that Talent Hunt 2022 would be with Cyberforce, I knew that it was my chance to win. I am extremely honored to have been chosen and excited to work with the Top Cow!”

Muggelberg III, a resident of Michigan, said: “I have been a fan of Top Cow for over a decade and always thinking of new stories to create!”

This year’s winners will receive $1,000 each from Top Cow, as well as guaranteed paid published work with the company afterward.

Even prior to Top Cow’s first talent hunt in 2012, the publisher has given breaks to many notable creators in the industry including Bryan Edward Hill, Michael Turner, Kenneth Rocafort, Mike Choi, and David Finch.

"It is so important to invest in new talent. They are the heart of the sequential art!” said Marc Silvestri, Founder of Top Cow and creator of Cyberforce. "We are excited to be the publisher to bring talents like Billy and Bruno to the mainstage. And personally, nothing feels better to be a once aspiring artist and writer, struggling to be discovered, to be in the position to pay it forward."

Be sure to stay tuned for Abdias’ and Muggelberg III’s work to show up at your local comics shop and details on the next talent hunt.