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SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE bloodbath continues

He’s still on the loose and claiming more readers

Parody one-shot SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE! written by Todd McFarlane, President of Image Comics and the creator of SPAWN and featuring art by J.J. Kirby is being rushed back to print. The satirical story made waves upon publication and in order to keep up with increased customer demand, Image Comics has fast-tracked SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE! to a third printing.

In SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE! Spawn kills, well... everyone. In this laugh-out-loud farce, Spawn clears a path from one side of the show floor to the other leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE!, 3rd printing (Diamond Code AUG168735) will be available in stores on Wednesday, October 19th. The final order cutoff date for retailers is Monday, September 26th.

SPAWN #266 Cover A by Larsen (Diamond Code JUN160609), Cover B by McFarlane (Diamond Code JUN160610), Cover C Larsen B&W (Diamond Code JUL168773), and Cover D McFarlane B&W (Diamond Code JUL168774) hits stores on Wednesday, October 5th.