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Sold-out indie hit SUN BAKERY returns this February through Image Comics

“Fun, inspired, and full of hyperactive energy.” —Fiona Staples

Indie phenom Corey Lewis (Sharknife, G.I. Joe: Deviations) will bring his comics anthology SUN BAKERY to Image Comics this February as an ongoing project.

The SUN BAKERY comics anthology features the following stories: “Dream Skills,” set in a city where guns are obsolete and the social culture is swordplay; “Arem,” the tale of a space adventurer on a quest to photograph the most beautiful galactic vistas; and “Bat Rider,” a supernatural skateboarding comic.

"Sentient paranormal skateboards, mecha-suited documentarian bounty hunters, and sword-culture spirit warriors,” said Lewis. “If you're a fan of high concept ideas with dynamic action in a retro pulpy flavor, this comic is for you."

SUN BAKERY #1 (Diamond code: DEC160666) hits comic book stores Wednesday, February 22nd. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, January 30th.

Select praise for SUN BAKERY:

"Sun Bakery is what happens when an artist makes the time and finds the conviction to turn their fistfuls of original ideas into reality. These stories are fun, inspired, and full of hyperactive energy that is efficiently transferred to us." —Fiona Staples (SAGA)

“I'm thrilled to see Corey's Sun Bakery hitting a wider audience; he's making some really fun, exciting work.” —Brandon Graham (KING CITY, PROPHET)

“Corey Lewis's art is face-meltingly cool and Sun Bakery only leaves me wanting MOAR!!!” —Comicbookgirl19

“With its no-f**ks attitude and restless energy, Sun Bakery #1 is an addicting collection.” —Multiversity Comics

“Books like Sun Bakery are why I read indie comics, and I wish more comics were to this level of talent.” —Comic Bastards

“From cover to cover, this anthology is jam-packed with stories teeming with life, every page exploding with action and snappy dialogue.” —Comicosity