PORTLAND, Ore. 05/31/2024 — The iconic Savage Dragon character—from the long running series of the same name by Image Comics co-founder and partner Erik Larsen—will make an appearance in the upcoming, action-packed Blood Squad Seven #2 by Joe Casey (MCMLXXV, Butcher Baker the Righteous Faker) and Paul Fry (Spider-Man 2099, Star Wars). This highly collectible issue will hit shelves in June from Image Comics.

A 1:20 copy incentive variant by Jim Rugg will feature the Savage Dragon character prominently as well.

Rebuilding a brand—even one as ubiquitous as Blood Squad Seven—has its challenges. For one thing, even superheroes aren’t perfect. What happens when that imperfection slips through the cracks? What sacrifices is this new team willing to make? Readers will find out when they read Blood Squad Seven #2 next month.

Spinning out of the recent Dutch miniseries, Blood Squad Seven explores ’90s superteam dynamics through a contemporary lens and feature surprise cameo appearances from some recognizable fan-favorite Image characters.

Thirty years ago, Blood Squad Seven was America’s most popular superhero team. Its members were seen on television, on magazine covers, scoring million-dollar endorsement deals…. They were celebrities and they were everywhere.

But that was then... this is now. And so, a new generation of modern-day heroes takes up the mantle—or perhaps, the poisoned chalice—fulfilling a promise made decades ago: to be the heroes that a fractured America needs.

While deconstructions of superhero nostalgia typically center around the classic characters of the Silver Age, Blood Squad Seven will delve deep into ’90s comic book themes with this reimagining of what would happen if heroes from that decade returned to action after a 30-year absence.

Blood Squad Seven #2 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 26:

  • Cover A by Fry - Lunar Code 0424IM255
  • Cover B Chris Cross - Lunar Code 0424IM256
  • Cover C (1:10 copy incentive) by Elizabeth Torque - Lunar Code 0424IM257
  • Cover D (1:20 copy incentive) by Rugg - Lunar Code 0424IM258

Blood Squad Seven is also available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Select praise for Blood Squad Seven:

“It’s all just so brilliant and it makes me so damn angry.” —Robert Kirkman

“GREAT! You nailed the tone and the characters are all intriguing as hell.” —Geoff Johns

“It's love, and anger, and respect, and breaking shit, and putting it back together. Keep it coming, Joe and Paul.” —Tim Seeley