NEW YORK 10/17/2023 — Image Comics and Giant Generator Studios today announced that a massive lineup of talent are signing exclusive deals for upcoming projects with Rick Remender’s Giant Generator line.

Daniel Acuña (Uncanny Avengers, Captain America), André Lima Araújo (A RIGHTEOUS THIRST FOR VENGEANCE, Spider-Verse), Paul Azaceta (OUTCAST, Punisher), Bengal (Spider-Gwen, DEATH OR GLORY), Roland Boschi (THE SCUMBAG, Winter Soldier), Max Fiumara (THE SACRIFICERS, Amazing Spider-Man), Mike Hawthorne (Deadpool, Batman), JG Jones (WANTED, Marvel Boy), Francesco Mobili (Secret Wars, SPAWN), Brett Parson (Tank Girl), Yanick Paquette (Wonder Woman, Batman Incorporated), and Greg Tocchini (LOW, Uncanny X-Force), are all signing exclusive contracts with Giant Generator to focus on their own work, to bet on themselves, and to build their own worlds. This will all lead to a huge rollout of exciting creator-owned launches for the line.

Remender will collaborate with many of these artists on new projects, while some will be writing their own material, and others will be joined by writers yet-to-be-announced. All creators will retain full rights on books owned 100% by the creative teams.

"I've spent the last quarter century building creator-owned comic books and having Image give me the chance to take that knowledge to help other creators follow their bliss and do the same makes me incredibly happy,” said Remender. “Working with this murderer's row on the second wave of Giant Generator books has me reinvigorated, I wake up every morning eager to see what these incredible monsters have been up to. As we've proven over the years, we make outstanding comics because we only work with top creators, each given the time and support to do the best work of their careers, work they own, work that lives on for years and years in premiere formats. We focus on the creation of new, wholly original, evergreen reads that stand out from the whirlwind of monthly comics and have proven to stand the test of time."

The first launches out of this new wave of Giant Generator talent were unveiled during the Giant Generator New York Comic Con panel today and include: GROMMETS by Rick Remender, Brian Posehn, and Brett Parson, NAPALM LULLABY by Rick Remender and Bengal, and DUST TO DUST by JG Jones and Phil Bram.

Remender added: "When good art is the goal, the rest falls into place."

Giant Generator is the home studio of Rick Remender specializing in the development of unique and top flight entertainment born from comic books co-created with passion in partnership with the best artists in the world.