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RENATO JONES: THE ONE% strikes again

Issue #1 is fast-tracked to a second printing

“Nobody else makes comic books quite like Kaare Andrews.” —Nerdist

Critically-acclaimed writer/artist/director Kaare Kyle Andrews (Spider-Man: Reign, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon) has taken the comics industry by storm with his next-level action thriller RENATO JONES: THE ONE%. In order to keep up with customer demand, Image Comics is pleased to announce that RENATO JONES: THE ONE% #1 is being rushed to a second printing.

In RENATO JONES: THE ONE %, society’s upper one percent own more than half the world’s wealth. They’ve crashed economies, bought governments, and have amassed more power than any other group in history. And they still don’t have enough. With this kind of power how can anyone make them pay? WHO will make them pay? Enter Renato Jones, a mysterious vigilante, out to even the score. And when he enters the fray THE SUPER-RICH ARE SUPER F***ED.

RENATO JONES: THE ONE% #1 remains available for purchase across all digital platforms, including the Image Comics website (, the official Image Comics iOS app, Comixology’s website (, iOS, Android, and Google Play.

RENATO JONES: THE ONE% #1, 2nd printing (Diamond Code MAR169020) will arrive in stores on Wednesday, June 1st. The Final Order Cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, May 9th.

RENATO JONES: THE ONE% #2 (Diamond Code APR160770) will hit stores on Wednesday, June 8th. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, May 16th.

Select praise for RENATO JONES: THE ONE%:

"A sort of hallucinatory rage pop 'Punisher from Occupy.' It's gorgeous and also demented." —Warren Ellis

“A true showcase for what one creator can accomplish when they script, draw, ink and color their own book.” —IGN

“If Kaare Andrews is drawing a comic book, we will be reading that comic book. We’re sticking with this series, because nobody in modern comics lays out a page like Andrews. Nobody else brings the energy and life he delivers on every page. Nobody else makes comic books quite like Kaare Andrews, and that’s the way we like it.” —Nerdist

“I can comfortably say Renato Jones: The One% has ticked most of the boxes it needs to in all of its thirty-five pages. Tech that makes its wearer superhumanly strong? Check. Gold Lamborghinis? Check. Orgies and stupendously rich, entitled douche-bags? Check. A protagonist who’s quietly dangerous and effortlessly cool at the same time? Check. This is the exact thing you’d get if you could somehow convert a flipped, sticky-from-champagne middle finger into a comic book.” —Bleeding Cool