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RENATO JONES: SEASON TWO's "Wealth Care" ad campaign teases new story arc

International superstar graphic novelist, film director, and humanitarian to the elite Kaare Kyle Andrews is proud to celebrate the super rich with RENATO JONES: SEASON TWO, the only series about a hero targeting the super rich, and an ad campaign to promote the new arc's Wealth Care storyline.

Never has there been a more exciting time to be super rich. With a billionaire president and his cabinet of billionaires and millionaires, finally we can target the needs of the elite. No longer dragged down by the poor, the sick, and the pre-conditioned, as the $600 billion dollars in tax cuts generated by the proposed changes in health care have shown us—Health Care is Wealth Care.

“I always wanted to find a way to celebrate luxury, and with Renato Jones I can finally give it to those that need it most," said Andrews. "I have a simple message for the wicked, the selfish, and the entitled… I’ve got your backs, baby. It’s all good.”

RENATO JONES: SEASON TWO, Part One: Freelancer promises a complete luxury experience from beginning to bloody end.

RENATO JONES: SEASON TWO #1 (Diamond Code MAR170714), RENATO JONES: SEASON TWO #1 Cover B SPAWN (Diamond Code FEB178668) and RENATO JONES: SEASON TWO #1 Cover C SPAWN B&W (Diamond Code FEB178994) are available on Wednesday, May 10th.

About Kaare Kyle Andrews:
Andrews is responsible for writing and drawing some of the most controversial moments in superhero comics, including that one time Spider-Man killed Mary Jane in Spider-Man: REIGN and the time Iron Fist: THE LIVING WEAPON turned a skyscraper into a kung-fu robot warrior to fight a God in the streets of New York City. RENATO JONES: SEASON TWO #1 will be published by Image Comics on May 10th.