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PORTLAND, Ore. 06/16/2023 — Remy Boydell’s critically-acclaimed standalone story 920LONDON—which was a 2020 solo graphic novel debut for the artist of The Pervert—has garnered a devoted fan following and inspired an original song, of the same name, by artists Ada Rookand ESPer99.

"To me, 920LONDON is a book about a really specific type of loneliness, a stubborn hope that somewhere out there the world will finally begin, even though you secretly know the grey skies go on forever," said Rook. "I felt really inspired to write a song based on the spark of denial in the book."

The graphic novel is set in 2005 just north of London and follows a doomed romance between two emo kids.

Boydell added: "920LONDON has been kind of a sleeper hit, I'm really grateful that people have been enjoying it. The song captures the feeling of the book so well that it's scary."

More than friends, less than lovers, the two main characters of the 920LONDON graphic novel are trying to grow ’shrooms before the world ends.

920LONDON (ISBN: 978-1534315044) is available now at local comic book shops and independent bookstores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Indigo.

920LONDON will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Select praise for 920LONDON:

“The stories in 920LONDON aren’t about hopelessness but about how richly meaningful those dreadful empty years in transit can be. It’s art like this that can give all of us hope, and, for some of us at least, a comforting place to dwell.” —The Comics Journal

“Boydell imbues the tale of two extremely 2000s scene kids with a timeless relatability—920LONDON touches on the uncertain anxieties of adulthood and the delicate balance of shifting relationships with sincerity and empathy.” —GamesRadar

“Marks a significant step forward in Boydell’s evolution as a visual storyteller. Boydell moves away from a set six-panel grid to bring greater variation to the book’s pacing and create more immersive images, and bold choices with watercolor shades and textures intensify the expressive qualities of the coloring.” —The AV Club