Geiger Webskin

REDNECK rushed back to print

The third issue of the bestselling Image/Skybound series REDNECK by Donny Cates (GOD COUNTRY) and Lisandro Estherren is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with overwhelming customer demand.

In REDNECK #3, readers explore what lurks in the attic of the Bowman house. With everything going to hell for his family, Bartlett must confront the one sonuvabitch that puts fear in other vampires. But what exactly do the Bowman boys have planned for Father Landry?

REDNECK follows The Bowmans—a family of vampires who have quietly run the local barbecue joint in their small town for years, living off cows' blood. Their peaceful coexistence ends as generations of hate, fear, and bad blood bubble to the surface—making it impossible to separate man from monster.

REDNECK #3 will remain available for purchase across all digital platforms, including the Image Comics website (, the official Image Comics iOS app, Comixology’s website (, iOS, Android, and Google Play.

REDNECK #3, 2nd printing (Diamond Code MAY178640), REDNECK #4 Cover A (Diamond Code MAY170703), and REDNECK #4 Cover B Images of Tomorrow (Diamond Code MAY178129) will be available on Wednesday, July 26th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, July 3rd.