PORTLAND, Ore. 01/24/2023 — Eisner Award winning writer Kelly Thompson and artist extraordinaire Meredith McClaren have hit big with their new fantasy/mystery series Black Cloak. Image Comics will fast-track the premier issue of the series back to print in order to keep up with overwhelming demand.

"Making a new comic is such a weird little high-stakes thing where you put all your money, time, heart, and sweat into it and then just sort of... send it out into the world with your dreams all embarrassingly attached to it, hoping some people get what you're trying to do. And so when you find your people and they tell you they get it, it really does mean everything," said Thompson. "We love that you get it! You are our people."

McClaren added: "Oh good. You like it."

Catering directly to fans of Saga and Blade Runner, Black Cloak offers readers a dramatic and delectable fantasy/sci-fi blend. The adventure begins when two Black Cloaks try to solve the murder of a beloved prince in Kiros—the last city in the known world—before his murder tips the city into war.

Available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 22:

  • Black Cloak #1 second printing - Diamond Code DEC228406
  • Black Cloak #2 Cover A by McClaren - Diamond Code - DEC220229
  • Black Cloak #2 Cover B by Veronica Fish Diamond Code DEC220230
  • Black Cloak #2 CoverC by Grace Winstead - Diamond Code DEC220231
  • Black Cloak #2 Cover D by McClaren - Diamond Code DEC220232

Select praise for Black Cloak:

“A deeply intriguing and lore filled opening chapter for those who like some murder mystery and political intrigue in their D&D.” —Monkeys Fighting Robots

“Top work from a very exciting creative collaboration.” —Multiversity Comics

“Combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy, and noir into something wholly original and compelling. Move over, Saga. This is my new obsession.” —AIPT

"Snappy and well executed." —Polygon

“Ticks the right boxes for sci-fi storytelling, hooking readers in to see its mystery unfold.” —

“Black Cloak is upsettingly good. With a rich and gorgeous world, a story that grabs you from page one, and characters you fall in love with, it’s the kind of comic we all wish we could make.” —Matthew Rosenberg, What’s the Furthest Place from Here?, Hawkeye

“Eye-popping art, writing like a dagger in the heart, the best world-building I’ve seen in comics since Saga. Let me put it this way about Black Cloak… welcome to your new favorite comic.” —Gail Simone, Clean Room, Batgirl, Deadpool

“Black Cloak takes two beloved genres, noir and fantasy, and blends them to make something thrillingly new and exciting. Part murder mystery, part fantasy epic, Black Cloak is a stunning work of storytelling alchemy. Thompson and McClaren grab you from the first pages and don’t let go. One of my favorite new books in a long time.” —Scott Snyder, We Have Demons, Clear, Batman

“Black Cloak deftly blends the pleasure of procedural puzzles and murder mysteries with some of the cleverest post-modern inversions and subversions of the fantasy genre I’ve seen in quite some time. Add to that the warm humanity coursing through the characters and story and you’ve got your new favorite pulp murder magic.” —Christopher Cantwell, Iron Man, Briar, Blue Flame

“What’s not to love about Black Cloak? A fascinating world, wonderful characterizations, and a compelling mystery at its core. Thompson and McClaren have built a world here both fantastical and all too relatable, and I can’t wait to explore it more!” —Joe Henderson, Lucifer, Skyward, Shadecraft

“I loved, loved, loved Black Cloak—a master class in world-building that pulls you into its story and never lets you go. Crafted by a powerhouse creative team doing their best work. Don’t miss it!” —Alex Segura, Secret Identity, Poe Dameron, Black Ghost