PORTLAND, Ore. 07/22/2022 — Out of the archives comes a never-before-seen ShadowHawk #1 cover! This artwork was drawn by Jim Valentino and originally intended for the series' launch in 1992—all before the iconic helmet cover came into play. Now, in celebration of Image's and ShadowHawk's 30th anniversary, this important piece of Image history will finally be brought to shelves and feature inks by Todd McFarlane and a special silver cold foil treatment. The Last ShadowHawk #1 1:100 copy incentive will be the first and only of Valentino’s ShadowHawk cover art ever inked by McFarlane.

“We've pulled out all of the stops on this special one-shot from working with amazing talents like Philip Tan, Rob Liefeld, Daniel Henriques, Brian Haberlin, Chance Wolf, Jimmie Robinson and now Todd Mcfarlane,” said Valentino. “A bevy of incredible covers and a story of vengeance and retribution that will leave reader's stunned. We've done everything we can to make this very last appearance of ShadowHawk (no lie—this really is the end) something truly special."

Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics, added: “One of my earliest memories of working in comics is Jim calling me up to tell me about the formation of Image and then later, showing me his initial sketches and artwork for ShadowHawk. Among that early artwork was a cover for the first issue that he eventually decided against using after hitting on the idea to do the black and foil cover highlighting ShadowHawk's metal helmet, and with Jim's decision to bring down the curtain on the character once and for all in this special one-shot, it seemed like a good opportunity to dig that unused cover out and get someone special to ink it. Despite knowing each other for nearly four decades and co-founding Image together, Todd has only inked two of Jim's covers before—Guardians of the Galaxy #5 and What If #11—so he seemed like the perfect choice to add the finishing touches to this cover some 30 years later!”

The back cover will feature the original Rob Liefeld-inked artwork that Valentino ultimately used for the first printing of Shadowhawk #1 when the series premiered in 1992.

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of ShadowHawk #1 with writer/artist Philip Tan (Spawn, X-Men), co-writer Brian Haberlin (Hellcop, The Marked), and inker Daniel Henriques (Gunslinger Spawn, Shadow War: Alpha).

In the not-too-distant future, the world will be just as it is today…only worse. Evil has permeated the very fabric of society, from the halls of government to the darkened alleyways. Will the heroes who once defended the downtrodden fail them now? Will a new generation rise, inspired by the last of the old? Who will be THE LAST SHADOWHAWK?

Last ShadowHawk #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, August 17:

  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover A (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220009
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover B (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220010
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover C (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220011
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover D (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220012
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover E (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220013
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover F (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220014
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover G (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220015
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover H (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220016
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover I 1:10 copy incentive (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220017
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover J 1:20 copy incentive (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220018
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover K 1:30 copy incentive (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220019
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover L 1:50 copy incentive (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220020
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover M 1:75 copy incentive (30th Annv One-Shot) - JUN220021
  • Last ShadowHawk #1 Cover O 1:100 copy incentive Silver Foil - MAY229688

Last ShadowHawk #1 will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.