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PORTLAND, Ore. 04/24/2023 — Mark Millar’s wildly popular Nemesis: Reloaded #3 (with artist Jorge Jiménez) and The Ambassadors #2 (with artist Karl Kerschl) have both sold out completely at the distributor level and are being rushed back to print this week by Image Comics.

The Ambassadors #2 reprint will be a “special edition” that will include bonus backmatter content (similar to the recent The Ambassadors #1 reprint) and a the Nemesis: Reloaded #3 cover will feature a color variation on the stunning first printing cover by Jiménez.

"It's been a great few months seeing every issue going back to press on Night Club, Nemesis Reloaded and now The Ambassadors. The Frank Quitely issue was gone first day and word from all the stores I spoke to was Karl Kerschl's issue was gone by lunchtime so we expect a really healthy second printing here, especially with the bonus material," said Millar. "The Ambassadors seems to be really climbing too, the Travis Charest issue out this week his first full comic in 24 years. It feels like a proper comic book event and in two weeks time we have Olivier Coipel, which is going to be insane. Don't miss the third printing for Nemesis Reloaded issue 1, by the way. The second is completely gone now so we're going to be announcing a special edition over the next few days. I'm delighted to see everyone so into this and swear on a stack of bibles that Big Game is going to be even bigger this July."

The Ambassadors is a six issue Netflix miniseries from Image Comics leads into the highly anticipated "Big Game" summer event being prepped by Nemesis: Reloaded (with superstar Jiménez), Night Club with Juanan Ramirez, and the brand new volume of The Magic Order—currently being made as a huge live action show for the streamer. This big 2023 Summer event BIG GAME, will have Millarworld characters from Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Starlight, Jupiter's Legacy, and more, come together in a huge adventure drawn by Marvel superstar Pepe Larraz.

In The Ambassadors #2, the six best people in the world will be given superpowers by a Korean billionaire who’s cracked the superhuman code. First up is an Ambassador for India and his training at their secret Antarctic base.

In Nemesis: Reloaded #3 readers finally learn more about the secret origin of Nemesis…

The Ambassadors #2, second printing Special Edition (Diamond Code FEB238920) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, April 24.

Nemesis: Reloaded #3, second printing (Diamond Code MAR238147) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, May 17.

The Ambassadors and Nemesis: Reloaded will both also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.