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Legacy of Luther Strode's stunning conclusion arrives in paperback this July

“This book is gore-ious.” —CBR

Legendary co-creators Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore will release the final Luther Strode chapter in trade paperback this July. This will collect THE LEGACY OF LUTHER STRODE issues #1-6.

The LUTHER STRODE Saga ends here. Luther and Petra are on the road that will lead them to the final confrontation with Cain, the first murderer and architect of Luther’s pain.

THE LEGACY OF LUTHER STRODE TP (ISBN 9781632157256) hits comic book stores Wednesday, July 6 and bookstores Tuesday, July 12, and will be available for $17.99. It can be ordered by retailers through Diamond Book Distributors with the Diamond code APR160834. It can be preordered now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, and Indigo.


“Awesomely gruesome, hilariously vulgar, and most of all, a total blast from the shocking opening scene to the grin-inducing final moments.”—Comic Vine

“Jordan, Moore and Sobiero work in tandem to wrap up their career-launching work and it's clear that they're treating their baby with the respect he deserves. This book is gore-ious.”—Comic Book Resources

“It’s a blood-soaked love story that will leave you feeling all fuzzy inside while also aware that Luther could punch a hole in your face.”—Big Comic Page