“Fans of great horror comics do not want to miss out on this deeply unsettling collection.” —James Tynion IV, The Department of Truth

PORTLAND, Ore. 11/15/2022 — From fan favorite creator Jeremy Haun (The Beauty, The Realm, The Red Mother, The Approach) comes a dread-inducing collection of 28 tales of terror in the forthcoming, Haunthology. This hair-raising tome of short stories and vignettes features an introduction by Shirley Jackson Award winning author Nathan Ballingrud and will haunt the shelves in May 2023 from Image Comics.

From creatures of the night…to even more terrifying creatures of the day, readers were first introduced to Haunthology’s nightmarish mindscapes through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Whether exploring a claustrophobic old house full of nefarious entities or exploring the heavy thoughts one has during the end of the world, this very personal project was completely written and drawn during the COVID shutdowns.

“All of our lives changed in 2020. More than we could ever imagine," said Haun. "My way of dealing with all of that, as much as possible, was taking all of the things we were all dealing with—confusion, loneliness, fear, and anger—and then telling weird little horror stories about them. I’ve always loved short stories. I’m just fascinated by what writers like Laird Barron, Nathan Ballingrud, Clive Barker, Joe Hill, and Stephen King do with prose. There are a lot of anthologies in comics. I wanted to do a true short story collection. Haunthology is a love letter to that.”

Haunthology trade paperback (ISBN: 978-1-5343-9989-1) will be available at local comic book shops on Wednesday, May 3 and at independent bookstores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Indigo on Tuesday, May 9.

Haunthology will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Early praise for Haunthology:

Haunthology somehow manages to be deeply personal and deeply creepy and cool. Jeremy Haun always delivers and this is no exception. I’m all in!” —Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth, Gideon Falls

“Jeremy Haun is an expert craftsman at building short horror stories that dig under your skin and wriggle around there. Fans of great horror comics do not want to miss out on this deeply unsettling collection.” —James Tynion IV, The Department of Truth

“The Haunthology is a beautifully presented collection of splintered horrors rendered in intricately considered lines of ink. Peel away the scalp, scratch at the skull, peek inside the mind of Jeremy Haun. I dare you.” —Declan Shalvey, Bog Bodies

“The beautiful, surreal, terrifying tales in Haunthology will do more than scare you. They’ll stick with you. After reading this book, you’ll be pondering the stories, waking from vivid nightmares, and looking over your shoulder for days to come.” —Cullen Bunn, Harrow County, The Sixth Gun

Haunthology delivers a sequence of beautifully apocalyptic vignettes. Haun’s vision of creeping doom is what I want from cosmic horror: stark, gritty, sensational.” —Laird Barron, Swift to Chase

“Each of these tales grabs you somewhere uncomfortable and doesn’t let go till it has to. Knowing Jeremy, it’s easy to see within these pages how personal this project is to him…Most of all I’m just glad I made it out of the final page alive.” —Mitch Gerads, Strange Adventures, Mister Miracle, Batman

“Jeremy Haun has crafted something truly unsettling here, and I can’t recommend it enough.” —Alex Grecian, The Yard, Rasputin

“I haven’t been this excited and inspired by a horror comic since Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods.” —Nathan Ballingrud, North American Lake Monsters

“Jeremy Haun's Haunthology marries a meticulously detailed artistic style to a series of vignettes gruesome, strange, and disturbing. The world ends, and ends, and ends again. People ready themselves to face the unimaginable. Death looms, and so does what lies on the other side of death. Together, these brief narratives form a dark kaleidoscope. Press your eye to the lens, and see what it has to show you.” —John Langan, Children of the Fang and Other Genealogies