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Indie breakout hit SUN BAKERY gets paperback collection, new arc this August

Issue #5 marks an excellent jumping-on point for new readers

Fan-favorite cartoonist Corey “Reyyy” Lewis will collect the first arc of his one-man comics anthology SUN BAKERY in paperback, as well as launch a new story arc, this August.

Two new series kick off in this new arc: Soul of Sharknife, the long-awaited return of indie comics superhero Sharknife in a brand-new adventure; and Freeze, a fantastical breakdancing battle. Plus, Bat Rider continues his supernatural skateboarding adventure, and more micro comics abound in SUN BAKERY #5.

“With SUN BAKERY #5, we're starting a brand-new arc centering around my main Sharknife character,” said Lewis. “It's going to be quite unique. Unlike anything currently out there in comics.”

SUN BAKERY #5 (Diamond code: APR170893) hits comic book stores Wednesday, August 2nd. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, July 10th.

SUN BAKERY: FRESH COLLECTION (Diamond code: JUN170708, ISBN: 9781534304352) hits comic book stores Wednesday, August 30th and bookstores Tuesday, September 5th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, July 10th.

Select praise for SUN BAKERY:

“SUN BAKERY is what happens when an artist makes the time and finds the conviction to turn their fistfuls of original ideas into reality. These stories are fun, inspired, and full of hyperactive energy that is efficiently transferred to us.”
—Fiona Staples (SAGA)

“This book is a reminder of why I love comics. Corey Lewis has a unique voice, a deceptively simple looking art style; but most of all an understanding of how to make a series of static images with words stuck on ‘em grab the reader and make them hold on for all they’re worth.” —Major Spoilers

“I'm thrilled to see Corey's SUN BAKERY hitting a wider audience; he's making some really fun, exciting work.” —Brandon Graham (KING CITY, PROPHET)

“With its no-f**ks attitude and restless energy, SUN BAKERY is an addicting collection.” —Multiversity Comics

“Books like SUN BAKERY are why I read indie comics, and I wish more comics were to this level of talent.” —Comic Bastards

“From cover to cover, this anthology is jam-packed with stories teeming with life, every page exploding with action and snappy dialogue.” —Comicosity

“Corey Lewis's art is face-meltingly cool, and SUN BAKERY only leaves me wanting MOAR!!!” —Comicbookgirl19