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PORTLAND, Ore. 07/12/2023 — Rising superstar writer Wyatt Kennedy (Bolero) teams with up-and-coming artist Luigi Formisano for an all new, ongoing series in the forthcoming Nights. This new vision of urban fantasy adventure launches in October from Image Comics.

It's 2003, Supernatural creatures casually exist amongst humans, and America is made up of 31 states. Vince Okonma has lost his parents, moved in with his secret mercenary cousin, his video game-making roommate, and befriends "the greatest vampire who's ever lived." And that's just the first 20 pages. Welcome to Florida, youth is wasted on the young…

Perhaps best described as Fright Night meets Scott Pilgrim, this vampy new series is a must-read and features anime influences, gamer culture, and found family.

“Comparisons get thrown around for new comics all the time, and this one is no different, but there really isn’t anything like this on the racks right now," said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. "Wyatt and Luigi are building a fascinating world here, full of curious situations and captivating characters, and I’m excited for readers to experience the thrill of diving into a new series so rich with possibilities."

Kennedy added: "I basically wanted to make the greatest Toonami show that never existed. There's so many bizarre genre-bending elements with horror, comedy, action, and romance, but the characters are the true heart of this story. Expect an episodic start to the 'season' as it were, but we're ramping up to tell an incredible near apocalyptic event love story. It genuinely feels like a limitless world and watching it brought to life with such care from one of my best friends, Luigi, Francesco (our colorist), Maria (our Letterer), my fantastic editor Alana Fox, and all the wonderful people at Image has been a dream come true. It's gonna be a weird one, so buckle up!"

"Nights bleeds, from start to finish, our love for '90s cartoons and anime. There is always something weird and exciting going on that really allows me to experiment and go with the flow. My art shapes and evolves with the characters, their gravitas and their stories," said Formisano. "The main concern of Wyatt and I are our readers and how we can deliver the best possible storytelling experience. Thankfully, we are on this journey with some amazing people like Francesco Segala, Maria Letizia Mirabella and Alana Fox. We know you’ll love it, because we do and we all poured every ounce of our passion in it.”

Nights #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, October 11.

Nights #1 will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.